Garden Art

Garden art by Amayz Mosaics are pieces of whimsy that can be placed outdoors, perhaps mounted on a fence, a gate or even a tree, to surprise and delight the wanderer. Each piece comes with predrilled, countersunk holes and mounting screws, which can be hidden beneath a custom-cut tile (supplied) fixed in place with a blob of silicon for ease of removal.

Heather explains, “Outdoor art and imagery requires a more robust material selection. Builder’s cement-board and grout, suitable to withstand weather of all kinds, is a must. I love to use mirror to reflect the colours and shapes of garden vegetation and to use my imaginings of nature and naturally occurring shapes. I also make use of montage to make pieces in relief, as these do not need a finished flat surface as would a table or tray. I love to allow my imagination complete rule. Pieces such as “the Rajah’s Mustaka” and “Underwater” (outside shower splash-back) are pure fantasy which gives me absolute freedom to explore using a range of material such as stained glass, ceramic tiles and glazed ceramic free form pottery pieces.”

A mosaic can make a delightful and decorative addition to your Sunshine Coast garden.